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    Rebuilt Sharples P3000


    Price: $48,000

    Rebuilt Sharples P3000 Decanter Centrifuge. 14″ x 30″ bowl dimensions.
    10 degree beach. 4000 RPM maximum bowl speed.
    3180 x G maximum G-force. All stainless steel product contact areas.
    Hogged out Cake Ports Adjustable Liquid Discharge Plate.
    4 1/4″ Sgl Lead Pitch Hardsurfaced Flights with Carbide Conveyor Discharge
    inserts & Bowl Liner
    The rebuilt P125:1 Gearbox will be supplied and protected by a new
    Mechanical Torque Control Assembly with Microswitch.
    A New Gearbox Guard, Feed Tube, & Vibration Switch are supplied.
    No motor Controls or Sub Base