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Field Service

Centrifuge Chicago Corporation has Field Technicians who work on your centrifuge at your facility. Please keep in mind that only so much can be done to repair a centrifuge in the field. Please call us with your specific problem, and we will advise you over the phone if a field technician can or might be able to do a field repair on your centrifuge. If we send a service representative, we also will include a copy of our insurance coverage to alleviate the concern of our Company’s liability coverage.

If you would like a copy of our field service rate sheet, please give us a call on our Toll Free number 866-346-6800 (in USA) or 219-852-5200 (outside the USA) and we will fax or mail a copy to you.


Centrifuge Chicago Corporation carries many different types of centrifuge parts, but because of the different configurations among the different types of centrifuges, we ask that you please call us on our toll free number ( 866-346-6800 ) to discuss the parts for your particular centrifuges.