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    Control Box

    The drive system panel is a complete, integrated control system for operating a decanter style centrifuge and associated product feed pump. An integral power disconnect is included for a single point 480 Volt source connection.

    Two ABB variable frequency drives are provided power the centrifuge. A 50HP unit for the “Bowl”, and a 15HP version as a “Scroll-Drive”. Ethernet communications are incorporated into each drive, for direct connection to the Allen-Bradley logic controller.

    A third “Feed Pump” VFD is included in the panel and integrated into the control system for operation of a customer provided pump.

    A Maple Systems, high-resolution color, graphic touch screen, that is integral to this panel and used for system monitoring, alarms and machine operational parameter entry. The following parameters will be monitored and/or addressed:

    • Bowl Speed
    • Auto Differential Load Control
    • Scroll Speed
    • Clean In Place Control
    • Torque Alarm Set points
    • Vibration alarm
    • Bowl VFD Status
    • Scroll VFD Status
    • Temperature display, and alarm set-points

    Illuminated selectors are provided for the power, centrifuge, and feed functions, as these repetitive use functions tend to deteriorate the Touch-Screen membrane.

    Bowl speed, Gearbox ratio, and motor / pulley ratios are all “Touch-Screen” adjustable. The desired conveyor differential speed is also able to be directly enterer in RPM.

    Automatic Operation of the backdrive motor, in response to the concentration of the feed material will be operator selectable. A PID comparison algorithm, with limits on the differential speed in response to gearbox pinion shaft torque. Minimum and maximum torque threshold values are operator adjustable to implement this software-controlled function.

    Bearing mounted RTD temperature sensors included for centrifuge main bearings, “overheating” and “loss of lubrication” protection.